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Imagine if there was a way to empower people to lift themselves out of poverty and bring prosperity to their entire community. 


In rural Tanzania life is tough. Nearly 40 million people live in villages and rely on dry land farming, with the majority living in poverty. Despite their hard work, farmers struggle to provide for their families. They lack the equipment and expertise to maximise the potential of their fertile land.

The staple crop is Maize (corn), but average yield across the country is only 0.4 tonnes per acre. This is around 10% of yields in the United States, despite better soil and climate. Their traditional farming methods degrade the soil and they lack access to improved farming systems.

Our vision is to see farmers empowered, yields increasing, soils restored and villages lifted out of poverty.


An average Tanzanian village has more than 2,000 acres of usable land. If we can empower local farmers to improve their yields to 2 tonnes per acre, this would bring more than $400,000 additional income annually to their village. This would help lift the entire community out of poverty.



Through combining the best expertise in agricultural practice and agribusiness models for rural Africa, and providing machinery and links to high value markets, we believe we can empower them to maximise the economic potential of each community. 

Using the principles of Conservation Agriculture it is possible to restore the health of the soil and see sustainable increase in crop yields. By not inverting the soil structure and allowing stubble to build up on the surface, precious moisture is retained, soil biology is enhanced, and the soil remains cooler, becomes softer, more productive and erosion is prevented.


Most farmers in Tanzania, have neither the knowledge or the resources to achieve this, so they are very keen to work with someone who can help them to bring their and into full production, as well as improving the soil, year by year. 

At the request of community leaders, we have developed this project to bring economic empowerment to local village farmers. We have consulted widely with village leaders, farmers, Agronomists, Agricultural Scientists and Produce Exporters. We also bring expertise from overseas in many aspects of commercial agriculture.

You can read our in-depth Philosophy here.


As at 2023 we have : 

  • established a well- equipped workshop for manufacturing Maize Planters as required

  • had machinery from overseas brought in and expertise transferred to local leaders regarding the many aspects of commercial agriculture

  • Over 300 farmers who have received training seminars

  • worked with 40 farmers

  • achieved average yields risen from 6 bags to 12 per acre 

  • achieved some yields at 20 bags an acre 

  • generated excitement amongst many farmers and their young people who can now see the potential of profitable sustainable agriculture.

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