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Peter Hack is an industrious big-thinker who is passionate about empowering the people of Tanzania to lift their communities out of poverty. His unique range of skills, knowledge and innovation, coupled with his capacity to 'get the job done' have all contributed to the project's success thus far.

Peter is a true farmer at heart. Growing up in a small farming community in the South West of Western Australia, he knows first-hand the challenges associated with farming in times of drought and recession. At just sixteen, he became responsible for the farm due to his father's heavy drinking and miraculously saw the family go from poverty to prosperity in just a few years. This experience has fuelled Peter's deep passion to empower farmers to become sustainable growers using conservation ‘low til farming’ techniques. 

Outside farming, Peter has extensive experience in Leadership, having previously worked as a minister and regional co-ordinator for Australian Christian Churches (ACC) for more than 25 years. 

Peter & his wife Lesley have dedicated their lives in their longstanding passion of "Building People".





Lesley is the hero behind the scenes,

tirelessly working to fill the gaps and ensure the project works like a well-oiled machine.

Her resilience and perseverance have been a great asset to the team in the face of obstacles and setbacks. 

She cares deeply about people and is motivated by a sincere desire to see them flourish in all areas of life. 

She has over 25 years of experience in leadership, event planning, hosting internationals, and tirelessly serving her community.

With a BA in Biblical Studies plus Tesol Qualifications [Teaching English as a second Language],she has more recently completed her Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, and now privately tutors  primary students.


Board Member

Tim Wright has worked in the Emergency Services for over 30 years. He is a man of integrity who brings decades of skills and experience to the Empower team. 

His leadership qualities and experience working in farming communities are also a great asset to the Empower Project. 


Board Member

Dr. Tamara O’Keeffe is an enthusiastic soil ecologist. With over 20 years experience she has worked on ecological and soil based projects within the agriculture, mining and research sectors. Her work has been internationally reviewed and published.

Her formal qualifications include a PhD in soil biology and plant nutrition from the faculty of Agriculture and Natural Science, University of Western Australia, a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Behavioural Ecology and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology both from Flinders University.

Our Committee in Western Australia has been growing and we are grateful for this team and their on going committment and support. Sharon joins her husband Tim,. We have Ross Elford, Peter Crouch and our newest member from Zimbabwe is Gamu Chipato.


village leaders pose.jpg

Our board registered in Tanzania (Tiamoyo Enterprises Ltd) consists of 3 members who all bring unique and diverse experience to the team.  Partnering together with Tiamoyo Empower Inc, the in-country team have the necessary skills and experience to effectively oversee our operations and actively manage our key relationships with local village leaders and farmers.

Currently we have: 

Polycarp Anntto : Administrator and treasurer

Somi Kaaya: Chairman; Business and Community Leader

Julius Karata: Secretary; Advocate Lawyer with own practice

Mike Rothery: Founder of Tiamoyo (formerly Imara Foundation) is  Advisor to the Board.

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